Let the Fun Begin!

Elementary school art lesson

Now the real fun begins!

Internally, we determine two different visual directions or themes for your project.  Two different designers are responsible for two contrasting paths.  At this point, each designer begins exploring typography, inconography, photography and color, pulling together a combination of visuals that will suggest or foreshadow the focus word and messaging.

This board is not a layout or final concept.  Rather it is a collage or visual brain dump, culled from client input.  The designers may use pattern, texture and size to highlight some elements, letting other elements fill in background.

Here is where we marry the visual and verbal, right and left brain, bridging the gap between content and design.  Client input continues to give shape to these divergent courses until they are ready to choose one that resonates with their vision and intent. Now we are ready to bring the picture into focus.

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