Campaign Development Process: Solutions

Man hand turning a knob

Enough questions!  You’re looking for answers.  These are beginning to evolve in Step III.  Our solutions board tells you “here’s what we recommend.”

At this stage we identify what your differentiator is—your USP (Unique Selling Position).  This is important, because it becomes the focus of your messaging and answers member, donor, and client questions like, “What’s In It For Me?” “What is unique about your brand, campaign, membership?”  “Why should I join?” “What do I get?”

This board becomes a visual compilation of the answers to those questions.  It contains the messaging staircase—from high level, organizational messaging to targeted brand,campaign or audience messaging.  We identify a focus word and how it could be used in the tag line, ad copy, program content, calls to action.

Here’s where SliceWorks identifes and list out the benefits of your membership, brand or conference.  The words are already beginning to suggest graphics and several directions the concept could go.

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