Campaign Development Process: Discovery and Diagnostics

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Have you ever just gotten into the car and begun to drive, not sure of your destination?  Sounds like fun. Would you do that for a family vacation, with three kids in tow? Of course not!!

Do you know how many businesses and organizations do exactly that?  They make plans for a business launch or marketing campaign without deciding what their goals are and how to measure those goals. If there is no roadmap, how do you know when you’ve arrived? If you don’t have goals, how can you know if you’ve been successful?!?

Goals are very important to us here at SliceWorks. Identifying your goals is a very important part of the Campaign Development Process!


The first stage of campaign development is called the Discovery phase. Discovering where you are and where you want to go is the first step. This discussion identifies what sets you apart as an organization, captures ideas you have, and pin points the exact goal(s) for your company and the project at hand.

In this first stage, it’s important to identify your past efforts, lessons learned, strategic plan goals for communications, core values and beliefs, brand promise, and stakeholders.

This stage also determines your brand type and brand architecture.  There are four brand types: Corporate, Product, Family and Idea brands. Each type has a unique way of marketing themselves.  Brand Architecture is all about identifying the emotional benefits of your products and/or services and developing a strategy around those benefits.


The second stage, Diagnostics, is all about summarizing where you are at now in your campaign development.  Looking at your competition and industry, identifying stakeholder audiences and doing a basic SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and possibly a marketing collateral audit are all a part of the diagnostics.  Once this information is collected, it is summarized in graphics on a slide or board.

Stages I and II—Discovery and Diagnostics—are now complete.

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