Content Curation: Hi Impact Social Media Task #4

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Content curation is your hi-impact social media task #4. Along with content strategy, engagement and content creation, it is an important step towards online success. Good content curation will develop your competitive edge, establish your authority, and get you more followers.

But where do you look for content and how to you find the best stuff? How do you find the time to look for good content? How do you track what you’re finding and what do you do with what you find? All great questions!

The Foundation of Content Curation

At its foundation, content curation can be divided into three categories:

  1. Discover
  2. Read
  3. Share

Once you understand what your buckets are, you can begin building your content creation strategy.

How to Discover Good Content

 Do you have a list of targeted topics? Who are your audiences and what topics would be important to them? Once you have identified your 3 – 5 topics, begin to collect editorial sources. Great sources for editorial content are Newsletters you’re already subscribed to, favorite blogs, Feedly, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Aggregators and Bookmarks. To keep all your sources in one place, open a FREE Pocket account and begin building your list. As you add sources to your list and tag them, Pocket will make additional content recommendations. Also, don’t forget to do hashtag searches on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other platform that makes use of them.

Finding the Time to Read Content

Finding the time and being productive can be a challenge. Limit yourself to 1 – 2 hours a day.  With your content aggregated in Pocket, you can sort content by topic and read through several articles in one sitting.  Mark your favorite content in pocket for potential sharing later. Don’t forget to add those newsletter and communities to Pocket as well. One central hub cuts down search time!

Remember, 75% of curation strategy is discovery. Buffer social recommends that 95% of your time should be spent discovering and reading and only 5% should be spent on sharing.

Do you use bookmarks on your browser? Something I’ve found helpful is to favorite your go-to content sources and organize them into a folder. When you’re ready to read and discover, right-click on the folder and open all the sites at once. Voila’

Ideas for Sharing Content

 As you peruse your sources, favorite articles with the Pocket browser icon or within Pocket, search by tags (topics) pull up your blog feeds. Move articles eligible for sharing to the favorites folder in Pocket. When you’re ready you can share directly to Buffer. You do this by hovering over the article box and clicking the right arrow.


Content Curation Pic #1

When you click through to Buffer, a window opens like this:

Content Curation Pic #2

Now you can schedule the post on Buffer to all the different channels you want to. All done in the few clicks of a mouse! Streamlining the process makes sharing easier.

What are some tricks you’ve learned for your content curation process? I’d love to hear what you are doing to keep it simple!

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