Hi Impact Social Media Tasks

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Are you overwhelmed by social media tasks and the time social media takes?  For many businesses unsure of the value, social media can look like a big black hole. How many times have you taken a few moments to watch a funny video and realized that 30 minutes have passed? Imagine the time it might take you to produce that video? What do you honestly have the bandwidth to implement?

10 Hi Impact Social Media Tasks

The first step to managing your time is to identify and prioritize those social media tasks that have the biggest impact with the least amount of effort. Over the next several weeks, we are going to look at 10 tasks that are critical to your success.

We are going to look at:
Content Tools
— Listening (Coming)
— Measurement (Coming)
— Helping (Coming)
— Learning (Coming)
— Experimenting (Coming)

Pro Tips for Social Media Platforms

Once we have looked at each of these tasks, we’re going to share some Pro Tips for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging, Pinterest, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, Snapchat and YouTube.

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Hi Impact Social Media Tasks Series

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