Social Media Engagement: Hi Impact Task #2


Social media engagement is all about fostering a two-way conversation with people who believe what you believe. Clarity about your brand mission, vision and promise are very important here. As you connect the visual and verbal together, you touch the limbic area of the brain. Read on to see why that matters…

Why You Should Engage

Simon Sinek, in his book, Start With WHY, tells us that the limbic brain is where our emotions reside. We make our decisions using the limbic part of the brain. That’s why expressing your brand personality is important.

How Do You Create Social Media Engagement?

When we talk about our products and services, we make the conversation all about us. The challenge of social media engagement is to get inside your audience’s mind and make it all about them.  That’s a lot easier said than done!

When we talk about the client’s challenges, hot button issues, or what keeps them up at night, then we’ve created a connection. That connection is the secret sauce.

What Does Authentic Social Media Engagement Look Like?

Let’s look at these two examples:

Our workshop is your blueprint to success…

Our core competencies are…

We help you prepare…


Learn how to improve your chance for success…

Receive expert advice and answers to questions…

Leave with a great start and a clear action plan…

The first set of phrases talks all about features and expertise. The second set of phrases tells the audience what THEY will receive. Who doesn’t want to improve their chances for success? Don’t we all have questions we don’t have answers to? Having a clear action plan makes success seem attainable. Don’t you agree?

When we reach people on that human level, we turn followers into real fans. How can you be the hero in someone else’s story?

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