Google ALERT: Are You Mobile Ready?

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They’ve done it again. As soon as you get used to doing things one way, the “powers that be” make a change—for the better. Are you mobile ready? Read below.

In late February, Google announced that starting April 21, their search engines would give ranking preference to websites that are mobile optimized. What do you need to know and what can you do?

The reason behind the change

Visual for WHY? Mobile Friendly

We read all the time that more and more people are accessing the internet using their mobile devices. Looking at the graphic above, it’s easy to see why.

Just this morning I was reading a printed article in RIT’s alumni magazine. The article spoke about a graduate who had had success finding her place in the gaming industry. I wanted to learn more about the company she worked for, so I pulled out my phone and looked the company up online. From their website, I could even look up job opportunities on my mobile.

Google’s search algorithms were accommodating these new usage patterns, but a major change was needed to give mobile users the best experience. So Google has alerted the web developer community that they are changing their search algorithms again to account for the demand for mobile accessibility.

Remember, April 21, Google will give ranking preference to mobile-optimized websites.

Is your website mobile ready or mobile friendly?

To find out if you’re website is mobile ready, you can go to their Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly Test Pageand test any URL.


If you have a already have a mobile site, you can find out just how mobile ready or mobile-friendly it is by going to the Mobile Usability Report.

Slice-works-Mobile-Usability Report

This tells you how Googlebot sees your page and if there are any issues with your site. It always makes sense to play nice with Google 🙂

How easy is it to mobile-optimize your site?

If your site is not responsive, or optimized for mobile, the switch may be easier than you think. If your website uses any of these 3rd party software for their CMS:

  • — WordPress
  • — Joomla!
  • — Drupal
  • — Blogger
  • — vBulletin
  • — Tumblr
  • — DataLife Engine
  • — Magento
  • — Prestashop
  • — Bitrix
  • — Google Sites

You’re in luck! All you need to do is convert your site to one of their mobile ready templates. You can find more info about your specific CMS here.

If you’re not tech savvy, you have a lot of content to migrate, or just want to start over, you will want to work with someone—like SliceWorks—to make your site mobile-friendly. Give us a call at 301-519-8101 or email We’d be happy to talk to you about making your site responsive, mistakes to avoid and explain options for multiple device accessibility.

Remember to call soon — April 21 is just around the corner!

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