Gen Y: Retention and Loyalty

Our daughter was recognized as an Outstanding Scholar recently at her university and I was truly touched with the intimacy of the ceremony and recognition given to each student.  But what blew me away was the tribute to the educators and influencers that helped motivate each student to achieve such a high level of excellence. As an educator myself, I have always been sensitive to the fact that teachers rarely get the thanks they deserve. Sitting on the fence about her educational experience up until now, this event won me over as loyal supporter.

Did you know that loyalty and value exist in the mind of your member, or in this case parent, not in your organization or institution?  Gen Y loyalty is based on the type of emotional connection you make with them. This is why expressing clearly the mission and vision of your association, in language that resonates with your members,  is so important.

“Your [association’s] mission is the ‘why’ behind your [association’s] existence. The more you bring your ‘why’ to life, the more your Gen Y [members] will emotionally connect to the outcomes your [association] creates. To build this emotional connection, focus on the results of the products and services you play a role in delivering.” (p.204)

Jason Dorsey reports that some of the best results he’s seen from emotional reinforcement is through being unpredictable. When something is unexpected, interesting, and exciting, Gen Y will want to be around to see what’s up next!

Gen Y has been raised believe that it’s their individual personalities that set them apart, making them unique and invaluable. This matters wherever they go, in the workplace or the association world. When something has an emotional and personal connection to them, they are drawn to it, and will become passionate about it when it aligns with their vision. This is the most important thing to remember when recruiting Gen Y.

Everything you do in your Association is because of 2 things:  1.) The mission and vision of the association, and 2.) The value it has to your members. Let’s not forget that Gen Y is going to be your newest group of members, and in a few years, the largest. In fact, according to our most recent information, the millennial generation, now numbering 79 million, is larger than the baby boomers at 76 million!  And the United Nation’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs predicts that US millennials will out-number ALL other generations by 22 million by 2030.

Millennials Outnumbering Non-Millennials

Is it possible that some of these unconventional strategies for attracting Gen Y may re-kindle the excitement for all of your members?

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