10 Ways Associations Can Use Live Streaming Apps [Part 2]

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Is it mid-January already? If you’re like me, you’re hustling to get back on track after the Holidays, and are optimistic to reorganize every aspect of your life. With New Year’s resolutions looming over our heads, association professionals and marketers alike, must look ahead to which efforts we will implement in 2016, and plan how we will accomplish these tasks throughout the year.

Last time, we discussed the growing popularity of the Top 3 Live Streaming apps such as, Meerkat, Periscope and Blab.im. We highlighted the Pros and Cons of each to help Association Executives decipher which live streaming app might be best for their target audiences. In Part II of this blog series, we will tackle the two other questions raised regarding Live Streaming for Associations:

– Where will most of my members be so I don’t waste my time?
– How do I advocate to my board why my association should even BE live streaming?

(What are the Pros & Cons? CLICK HERE to refer back to Part I)


As Apple’s Top App of the Year for 2015, Periscope is at the top of the list for Live Streaming apps, and has culled the greatest number of app downloads in comparison to Meerkat or Blab. When deciding which platform to choose for your next live stream, think about WHY you are live streaming and WHAT value you are providing to your viewers. If you’re looking strictly to reach as many people as possible you may want to consider Periscope for it’s larger following. There are tons of benefits to using Periscope, but it’s not the only app you should consider.

Looking to schedule a structured interview, or Q&A session? Blab might be the better choice. With up to 4 seats for hosts and guests, this platform is best suited for inviting members or subject matter experts to freely give their input.

*Remember: only Blab has filming options from both mobile devices and desktop 😉

Not yet convinced of the power of live streaming apps? Watch Joel Comm‘s presentation at HubSpot’s INBOUND15 where he exhibits the popularity, usability and mobility of live streaming apps in an event setting.

To choose which platform to appeal to your members and why you should be live streaming in 2016, consider these helpful hints for Associations adding live streaming to this year’s marketing efforts.


Top 10 Ways Associations Can Use Live Streaming Apps 

1. Highlight conference and event sponsors or Association partners:
– Stream a feed visiting their booth and speaking with their representatives
– Interview your sponsors to showcase what they do, who they are and thank them for everything they have contributed

2. Humanize your Membership Managers or Account Representatives:
– Use live streaming as a platform to open up Q&As on your CMS, membership fees and benefits, navigating your website, or
highlighting important resources your members may or may not be aware of
– Let your members drive the conversation and engage with their questions to improve your relationship with them

3. Got a Conference Coming Up?
– Live stream the event set-up process
– Introduce your people behind the scenes; working hard to create a seamless event for all your attendees

4. Build the Buzz:
– Once the stage is set, and the booths are all up, walk the floor before the doors open, go into the lobby and engage with members awaiting the event’s start; generating more anticipation and excitement
– Allow those watching to ask questions about what to do at your event, or highlight top topics attendees are looking forward to

5. Building your Association’s Membership?
– Since Periscope allows hosts to post a call to action at the end of the stream, associations could point their viewers to a membership sign-up page offering a discount membership price or new benefits package
– Consider linking to a recent blog on a similar topic to drive more traffic to your site, or
– Encourage members to watch an informative or inspirational video which encompasses the meaning and mission upon which your organization is built

6. Having Trouble Engaging Millennial Members?
– Encourage this targeted group to join your stream, and interview your audience to find out why they ARE or ARE NOT engaging with or aligning with your association
– Open up seats in Blab to encourage your audience to provide their comments and questions about your organization
– Interview a satisfied member of that generational group who has benefited from their membership, and highlight why they would encourage others to join

7. Transparency Can Build Trust:
– Why not live stream a get-to-know-you interview with your association’s executive team
– Don’t just point followers to read their bios, get members face-to-face with the heart of your organization, to hear why they are so invested in your cause and what their plans are for the future

8. Ever Wonder Where those Membership Dollars Go?
– Your members might be interested to see what their yearly fees fuel, and what efforts are thriving because of their continued support

9. Got a Successful Blog Post, YouTube Video, News Article or TV Interview? Why not upcycle these into Live Streams?
– Encourage interest in a post, article or event by live streaming and engaging your members to get hyped about what’s coming up next
– Take the conversation even further AFTER the event to get feedback, comments, props and more
– You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you stream. Repurposing content in different forms and posting on different platforms can be an easier way to continue the conversation and amplify your message

10. Reward Your Association Members!
– We know your members pay big bucks to attend your conferences and events, but why not surprise your followers with a free live stream of keynote speakers
– Go backstage and share an inside view of all the panelists before they go on stage, or
– Interview these ambassadors before the events to promote their topics and create buzz for those planning to attend
– Don’t forget the CTA functionality of Periscope. Point participants in your live stream to register for your event after meeting the speakers and hearing what they’re going to discuss at your next event


We know your head may be spinning, take a deep breath and remember these key takeaways:


– To get the biggest bang for your buck, consider Periscope for it’s vast reach and overwhelming popularity.
– If planning an interview or Q&A stream with board members, subject matter experts, street teams, or your own members Blab may be the best platform to use.
– Cost and time are two of the biggest concerns for your executive team; when presenting the idea of live streaming to your higher ups, remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Going back to topics or issues you’ve already done as blogs, social posts, or videos, can easily be repurposed and recreated in a live stream.


For more tips on how and why to use live streaming apps, consider following these social media and marketing gurus if you aren’t already:

– Joel Comm @joelcomm
– Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz
– KiKi L’Italien @kikilitalien
– Michael Stelzner @Mike_Stelzner @SMExaminer


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