12 Best Practices for Twitter Cards

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There are three basic elements to all Twitter cards: the image, the Call to Action (CTA) and the tweet copy.  Your image should show off the business.  The headline and CTA together call out the offer.  The tweet copy generates curiosity and interest.

In order to maximize the value of all three elements, it’s important to keep the following best practices in mind…

1. Showcase your product.

Remember, this is an opportunity to introduce your brand to new users. Encourage click throughs to your website or downloading of your app by showing them an engaging image. NO STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY!!

#1 Showcase


#1 Showcase copy

2. Share the company you keep

Now’s the time to leverage association with well-known names or brands to get your target users’ attention.  This is a great opportunity to share about travels or attendance at events.

#2 Company

3. Don’t assume. Explain.

The goal of most campaigns is to reach new customers. Often new customers are unfamiliar with your product or brand. Get your value proposition across at a glance with a quick diagram or succinct sentence.

#3 Explain

4. Localize

If you’re geo-targeting your campaign, align your image to the city or region you’re targeting.

#4 Localize - Fiverr

5. Do Image Testing

Which resonates more with your audience—a lifestyle image (with people) or a product image?

#5 Image TEsting


#5 Image Testing #2

6. Use Calls to Action

Website and App Install Cards both have a call-to-action button. For website cards, match the CTA to the desired ACTION. For App Install Cards, match the CTA to the desired AUDIENCE.

Some examples of an ACTION CTA:

  • Apply here
  • Enroll now
  • Learn more
  • Read more
  • Register now
  • Sign up now

Some examples of an AUDIENCE CTA:

  • Book
  • Connect
  • Install
  • Order
  • Play

#6 Call to Action



#6 Call to Action-SmartCrowdz


7. Minimize distractions

To focus the user on the desired action, avoid using @ and #. The clickable elements of the card should be the CTA button and the image. Did you know that website cards that don’t include an @ or # drive 23% more clicks?  App Install Cards without an @ or # drive 11% more clicks.

8. Convey a sense of urgency

Considering the real-time nature of Twitter, you need to give people a reason to take immediate action. Limited supplies or a limited-time offer convey the need to act NOW!

#8 Limited Offer

9. Share ratings and reviews

Leverage your ratings, social status and personal testimonials. Word-of-mouth reviews are a great way to humanize and personalize your  brand.

#9 Strayer

10. Tell the User What’s Next

Explain the next step to your potential clients.  Remember, they may not be familiar with your brand.  What’s obvious to you may not be so obvious to them.

#10 - What's Next - Fiverr


#10 What's next

11. Ask a question

Engage your users and make them feel part of the conversation. Website Cards paired with Tweets that include a “?” drive 25% more clicks. App Install Cards that include a “?” drive 8% more clicks.

#11 Ask Question-Associations Now

12. Mix it up

Mix up your tweet copy to test copy variation. Do percentages or $ savings drive more clicks? What about using the word “FREE”? How does mentioning a current trend affect engagement?

Don’t forget last month’s key takeaways: 1) Start with clear goals; 2) Take advantage of ALL THREE elements of the Twitter card; and 3) Be free to experiment and test.

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