19 More Takeaways from ASAE’s Membership, Marketing and Communications Conference

You’re lucky! This week you’re going to get a double-portion! Two weeks ago, I began a series sharing nuggets from the most recent ASAE Membership, Marketing & Communications Conference. Last week I was supposed to publish the second installment, but the stomach flu kept me in bed all week. So here you have installments 2 and 3 combined, for a total of 19 nuggets—all at one time. Make a meal of it 🙂

ASAE Membership, Marketing & Communications Conference

ASAE Membership, Marketing & Communications Conference

How to Boost The Power of Your Brand

Components of Disney’s Positioning Statement
—What: I’m the only entertainment and media company
—How: that combines products, services, and experiences across many sectors
—Who: for children, their parents, friends, and family
—Where: all over the world
—Why: that wants to preserve the magic of childhood
—When: in an era of low creativity, high stress, and social disparity

John Chen—@johnyschen
Amanda Kaiser—@SmoothThePath

Let’s Get Personal

Personalization vs. Customization
Personalization uses accumulated data to tailor the user experience, offers, etc to a specific individual
Customization allows the user to choose the types of content, frequency, etc

Rhonda Metheny—rhonda.metheny@mcmurrytmg.com
Julie Shoop—jshoop@asaecenter.org
Joe Rominiecki—@joerominiecki & jrominiecki@asaecenter.org

Calling all Small Association Leaders: 5 Great Ways to Generate Real Membership Value and Growth

5 strategies that only cost me time, effort and persistence.
— Re-engaging lapsed members
— Retention starts the day a member becomes a member
— Stop communicating and start relationship- building
— Data Management
— Track Membership Engagement

Dresden Farrand—dfarrand108@gmail.com

Make Your Membership Marketing Materials Rock

Use effective calls to action!
Source: Hubspot’s 101 Examples of Effective Calls to Action

Elizabeth Engel—@ewengel & ewengel@getmespark.com

Membership is Changing – What Model Will You Choose?

Membership Models to Consider:
Benefits—Creating membership benefit packages around needs and interests.
Team/Group—Offer memberships for teams and or groups/companies
eMembership—Low cost membership for members and the association both accessing content on their phones and tablets
Hybrid—Offer memberships for individuals AND companies
Tiered—Multiple levels by member or by benefits

Addy Kujawa—akujawa@aaoe.net
Cecilia Sepp—@CeciliaSepp & sepp@associationlaboratory.com
Michele Liston—mliston@nicsa.org

The Future of Membership Engagement

Association marketing and communication efforts are failing to set the stage for engagement, not adapting to changing engagement patterns, and failing to create the meaningful emotional connection necessary for engagement.

Dean West—dwest@associationlaboratory.com
Carol Wolinsky—cwolinsky@associationlaboratory.com
Cecelia Sepp—csepp@associationlaboratory.com

Career Transitions: Are Your Skills Transferable?

4 Essentials for Transition Preparedness:
—Knowing how to sell yourself
—Understanding Networthing
—Keeping social media identities current
—A strong resume

Mike Skiados—@mskiados & mskiados@asha.org
Bill Cramer—bcramer@ibtta.org
Catherine Lux Fry—@VettedSolutionscatherine@vettedsolutions.com

Defining Your Association Value

Ad sales + Product sales = revenue
Revenue/# of subscribers or members = Value of Subscriber/Member

Gregory Wright—@G_J_W

Engage Your Component Leaders to Spread Your Message

Some Best Practices:
—Develop Promotional Kits
—Guide Social Media Messaging
—Provide Small Bites
—Encourage Potential Authors

Jane Zaretske—Federal Bar Association
Sarah Perlman—www.fedbar.org

Let Data Drive Your Marketing

Some Best Practices:
—Gather all sources for data in one place
—Start with benchmark
—Evaluate data to reveal trends/patterns
—Create meaningful tests

Nandi Campbell—ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership
Laura Holzman—www.asaecenter.org

Social’s Secret Menu: A Catalyst for Content Strategy

One Twitter Secret—Cards Api
‐Shows a richer experience when your link is tweeted
‐Can be automated with CMS

Jessica Taglieri—The Adhesive and Sealant Council
Kunal Johar—NonprofitCMS/VOfficeware Inc

The Next Generation of Visual Communications

Three new types of visual communications:
—Interactive storytelling
—Kinetic typography

Kati Patrick—@katipatrick
Brad Peck—American Petroleum Institute

Video Contests: A Win-Win for Members and You

Benefits of a Video Contest
‐Archive for member/client stories
‐Video has strong tendency to virality
‐Great publicity tools
‐Gets people to come to you (Inbound marketing)
‐Brand Enhancement
‐Fun for participants

Bridget Weston Pollack—@bridgetwp
Barbara Haupt—@minimatters

Buried in Email Hell: Overcoming Message Overload

Reasons for a communications audit:
—Measure how tools AND messages meet member needs
—Ensure you are communicating MEMBER value
—Gather data to create member engagement
—Ensure ROI of communications efforts

Melissa Ferrari—Society for Neuroscience
Debra Stratton—Stratton Publishing & Marketing/Stratton Research
Felicity Clancy—@ffeather

Enhance Member Value through Diverse Leadership

Some Best Practices for Organizations
—Support for diversity from top management & leadership
—Diversity representation in all levels of the org
—Identification mechanisms in place
—Effective diversity training/leadership programs
—Diversity mindset tied into mission & strategic plan

Cynthia Simpson—www.awis.org
Julie Utano—Association for Women in Science
Sarah Ramirez—Association for Women in Science

Guerrilla Volunteering and Social Technology

The Volunteer Continuum & Characteristics
Consuming—Anonymous viewing, reading, attending
Promoting—Liking, Sharing, Recommending
Creating—contributing, commenting, responding to surveys
Serving—volunteering in non-governing role
Governing—volunteering in leadership role

Peggy Hoffman—@peggyhoffman
Lindy Dreyer—@lindydreyer

Modern eMessaging for Associations

10 Current Trends in Modern eMessaging:
—Responsive Design
—Preference Centers
—Better Use of AMS Data
—Hyper Personalization
—Integrated Systems
—Transactional Platforms
—Redefined Email Struction
—Marketing Power
—User-Centric Design

Ronald McGrath—HighRoad Solutions
Jenny Thiel— www.sfn.org
Dave Martin—@davemartin_ERA

Re-Tracking to Re-Market Your Association

What is re-marketing? A way to tag content on your website that tracks visitor interactions across the web to bring them back to your site
Re-marketing options:
—Google AdWords
—Third Party Partners

Todd Michaels—www.marketinggeneral.com

Translate Industry Wisdom into Member Value

Establishing yourself as the “go-to” resource:
—Determine your unique, relevant position
—Determine to whom and how you want to be a resource
—Develop and refine your messaging platform
—Audit your association’s assets
—Optimize assets and make them consistent
—Establish measurable goals
—Follow the news
—Establish a culture of proactivity
—Maintain relationships
—Evaluate and retool

Kenneth Ebeling—www.toyassociation.org
Francie Israeli—@FrancieDC
Thom Metzger—wasterecycling.org
Matthew Ott—@matt_ott

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