$97 to Celebrate 97 Years

I am a child of the 60’s and proud of it! The 60’s were a time of innovation, challenging authority and pushing the envelope.  We are the original “outside of the box,” “cutting edge” generation!

That independent spirit was important to me, as a young girl with her whole life ahead of her.  The women’s liberation movement of the 60’s and 70’s was promising to open doors to my future that I never thought possible.  I fondly remember growing up arguing with my male cousins over who was going to do Christmas Dinner dishes, since the women had already worked hard to put the food on the table.  Guess who does the dishes in MY house!?!

Jini Dellaccio: Opening Doors for Future Generations

“Jini’s photos are the template for cool.  Any rock band since Jini’s photos were released has wanted to look exactly like that.” — Bon Von Wheelie (Girl Trouble)

Let me introduce you to Jini Dellaccio , rock album photographer extraordinaire, glass-ceiling shatterer and advocate for women in film and video. She was one of those pioneering women, busy opening doors and challenging the status quo, just as many of us were beginning to grasp the possibilities. Karen Whitehead  , indie rockumentary producer of ‘Her Aim Is True,’  tells Jini’s story in a film that is both compelling and inspiring!

Documentary Life Sentence

“Thank you for ‘discovering’ Jini and her magical story.  This is one of the best docs I’ve seen in a long time.” — Beth Jasper, Programmer, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

The life of an indie film is entirely dependent on viewers and supporters like you.  Each film captures an authentically inspiring story.  YOU decide whether the subject is worth the investment of your attention, time and/or money.  Jini’s story deserves to be seen by the wider public. However, continued distribution requires funding. You can make the difference! If you believe that promoting ground-breaking women, women int the arts, and arts advocacy and education is vital, we are looking for your support.

$97 Celebrating 97 Years

“through ’Her Aim Is True,’ we’re reminded of the positive energy and vitality thriving within this culture of sound. Dellaccio’s photos capture the joyful side of rock, and her smile shines light upon its shadows.” — KJ Doughton on IMDB

Jini will be 97 years old later this month.  As a special tribute to her love for music of all kinds and visionary commitment to capturing the spirit of the musician(s) in her photography, we’re suggesting a donation of $97 to raise distribution funds and celebrate her 97 years of life! There are other levels of sponsorship available to you as well. No contribution is too small.

Just click this link, scroll down to make your donation.  [click on the green shopping cart icon in the upper right-hand-corner to open the payment window] And don’t forget to tweet a #happybdayjini wish!


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