The Best Kept Secret to Online Success: The Daily Checklist


This statement is a lie. You have to decide if it’s important for your business to make time for social media, but it does not have to take 3+ hours a day. I’ve recently discovered that some of the secrets to effective social media marketing isn’t in how to use the social sites, but about how you plan your day using them.

The Social Media Daily Checklist is the best kept secret to your online success.

1.) PRIORITIZE: This means you have to decide what is most important, and there are 2 parts to this.

A. Decide which social platforms are the best for your business or association. You may have to do some testing with this, or you may choose to say that it’s important for you to be on all platforms.

B. Decide which actions on social platforms are the most important to your business. Is it sharing content? Is it finding out who to follow? Readingtrending articles? Making connections and building relationships? Prioritize these things first.


2.) Set A Time Limit: If you really want to get involved and be organized in your marketing efforts, you’ve got to spend the time. The good news is that there are no rules about how much time you spend. So decide for yourself and your business what is appropriate. 2 hours? 1? Half an hour?

***Everything on Social Media must be responded to immediately. This is NOT true. There are specific things that will need immediate attention such as negative behaviors and comments, or if a fan or follower reaches out to you with a time-sensitive issue or question. But responding to @mentions or RTs and some comments does not always have to be the same day. What IS important is that when you respond, you are genuine and kind.


3.) Break it all down: You’ve prioritized your social media platforms and actions and set a daily time limit. Now, you need to divide the time to each task accordingly. Be realistic about how you approach technology and use social media. If one task tends to take more time because of your personal process, don’t be afraid to allot that time. Recognize that your top priorities should be first, but do not necessarily need the most time

A good example is responding to @mentions. It’s pretty simple to respond with a thank-you and can be done pretty quickly. On the other hand, finding and sharing good, quality content will take more time, but may not be #1 on your priorities list.

Bonus tips:

  • Set a timer for yourself. Once it goes off, move on to the next item!
  • The last thing on your list of priorities should be something that it’s okay if you don’t get to.
  • It’s okay to allow yourself extra time some days when you’re less busy around the office, or if there is a specific tool that you want to try.

Why Is a Checklist Important Again?

Because businesses set goals for marketing—whether it be to generate new leads, get more fans, build your reputation, make connections, or ultimately get sales. We are in the technology age where social media marketing is a crucial avenue through which we should be marketing ourselves. Creating and using a daily checklist makes it possible to spend an hour per day or less on some of these important marketing aspects. A daily checklist makes your social media process specific and attainable.

Have you been using a daily checklist? Do you have other tips to add on how to solidify your daily social media process?

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