When I was a kid, I really wanted a video camera. I wanted to make home movies, and a chance to tell my audience important things, funny things, or to just plain show off my creative talents. I had high hopes of being selected for America’s Funniest Home Videos. While my parents didn’t agree with my need for a video camera then, they understand why it is important for the social media age now. YouTube is the new kid in town, and video blogging can get you more than 15 minutes of fame.

Why should I video blog?

Video has a higher engagement rate than articles. It has become the king of engagement on most social sites, while photos are now the right hand man. YouTube is one of the hottest social sites where videos are being watched, posted, and shared, and it is currently the second largest search engine. Using this site as a platform for business engagement will majorly increase your brand’s SEO, and increase your connections with new followers.

What do I need to Video Blog?

When you create a video blog, it does not have to be a masterpiece. The information you are giving to your audience is the most important part. That being said, there are only 2 things you absolutely must have in order to get started.

You need an outline or plan for what you will talk about. You want your video to go viral because you have engaging, sexy content. You also need a video camera, any kind–webcam, flip video camera, iPhone camera, or old school camcorder. Don’t feel the need to go out and buy expensive video equipment. Gary Vaynerchuk, @garyvee, began many of his video blogs with informal equipment, and he now regularly records The Daily Grape.

What kind of video blog should I create?

Just as there are different types of articles you can write for your blog, there are different ways to video blog. I like to break it down into these categories: Interview, How-To, Informational/Quick Tip. Deciding what kind of video blog to create will generate the content of the blog. It will also help you know what type of equipment to use for recording, and where and how to set up your venue.

Interview video blogs operate generally as a Q + A prototype specific to the topic and person you are interviewing. The best way to prepare is to develop a list of the questions you plan to ask on camera. Give a copy of the questions to your interviewee for them to prepare their response. Reviewing the responses together before recording will keep the answers concise and on-topic.  It may also uncover other questions that need to be addressed.

How-To blogs take viewers through the process of learning how to do something. Prior to recording, it’s important to develop an outline of the step-by-step process. Include a list of FAQ’s to make sure you don’t forget about points you want to highlight. Software that we have used and recommend, are Snapzpro or Camtasia.  Both allow you to record via your computer screen and give you the option of using you computer’s built-in mic to record.

An informational or quick tip video blog can have an informal format where you take a few moments to tell your audience some key information, or to inform them of breaking news. Inserting screen shots, photos, and/or diagrams that capture key points will keep the audience engaged and attentive.

Tips to success during Video Blogging

Video blogging is akin to writing an article for your blog because you want include the same things to keep your audience engaged.  However, because it is a live recording there are a few different details to be aware of.

– Rehearse beforehand

– Give visuals when needed

­ Include a call to action

– Speak slowly and distinctly

– Keep it short and simple (at least for your first few video blogs)

– When you post your video, include a typed recap of the main points

– Don’t worry

– Check out this post on Killer YouTube Tactics for Your Business

Celebrities and Newscastors don’t have to be the only people who look good on camera. Have you ever created a video blog before? What other tactics and tips do you find helpful to your video blogging success?

Meredith Rabil@MMRabil , is Slice’s multi-talented Social Media Specialist. She also dances for Deviated Theatre, is a dance instructor for Sandy Spring Friends School and teaches PE and dance at Mother of God School.


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