B2B Branding with Social Media: 5 Keys to Success

There is a wealth of information on how to engage your fans and consumers via social media. Good examples of businessess doing it best can be found in this list of Top 10 Consumer Brands on Social Media

While the truth is that these brands are doing something right, and certainly flourishing, I keep asking myself: So what if my business is not consumer based? As I pondered this question and thought about how we do things here at Slice, I came up with 5 key points that will improve your brand (no matter what your business does) across social media platforms.

1. Developing Your Content Keeps Your Brand Strong

As you begin to take on Social Media, be clear about what you stand for as a brand. Know your niche; provide useful information to your fan base that has to do with your business.

Knowledge is your selling point. You want people to remember your brand because you have what they need or need to know. CK Kerley, a B2B blogger and expert, recognizes that most business professionals use Social Media to gain insight and knowledge from the surrounding community. Capitalize on this and become a forerunner in your industry.

2. Offer Information on Multiple Platforms

Once you have a plan for what type of content you intend to provide, releasing this information through multiple platforms will keep your fans interested in your brand. A name that is easy to find can be considered strong.

Although there are many companies that have both Twitter and Facebook, it’s important to know that the audiences of these networks are different. Knowing how to engage audiences through both channels will broaden your influence. Using multiple mediums to provide information will encourage different audiences to take a look at your content. Use blog posts, Facebook status updates, on-topic articles, video blogs or presentations, and pictures to reinforce your image in social media.

3. The Integrity of Your Brand is Reinforced by Consistency

Your brand becomes what people say it is, but they only know what they see and hear from you. Be consistent across all social media platforms. Fans are loyal to the Top 10 Consumer Brands because their message validates their image, their business process, how they provide information or use promotions.

Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It” is listed as one of the top slogans of the century. We know they sell shoes, but we also know to associate the slogan with the brand by their consistent advertising.

Consistency is a rule that both B2C and B2B companies should follow.

4. Be Proactive

According to the article 2010: Facebook’s crazy growth year [infographic],
Disney is listed as one of the Top 10 brands on Facebook in 2010. Let’s look at what Disney is doing that they have so many fans. In truth, Disney movies have been part of many people’s childhoods. But on their pages they also ask specific questions, and generate feedback from fans by creating interactive conversations about family, vacations and such.

If your business is not consumer-based, you don’t have items that will sell themselves through a pretty picture and a fancy app. Develop your Facebook fan page, Twitter, and LinkedIn hubs for interaction. This gives you the opportunity to provide that wealth of information that is the selling-point to your brand, and the opportunity to build the integrity of your brand. Do this by offering insight. LinkedIn particularly, is a channel that calls for information sharing through their discussions option. Make your B2B brand outgoing in the social media realm.

5. Build Your Brand By Being Relational

Do you like calling customer service numbers? Neither do your potential clients! Professional has become personal in social media. Humanize your brand by adding a touch of personal character. Learn to converse and network across social media platforms in a manner that builds relationship. Don’t only focus on how to engage your audience when they come to your Facebook fan page, but know how to engage them when you make the visit.

Brands that stick are no longer simply measured by their design and then backed by the company. In the face of social media it can be a daunting task to raise brand awareness. If you know your niche, become the BEST in your field. You want your followers to remember you by developing key content, providing information through multiple channels, being consistent, being proactive, and being relational.

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