The one thing I make sure to do on the weekends, is to spend my Sundays watching football. As I was screaming at the T.V. during the Redskins game, I was given breaks to breathe during the commercials. This is when I noticed that many commercials had spooky themes in them, and they weren’t just highlighting that there is a SAW marathon playing all day Friday. Television marketers were using Halloween’s themes in commercials to sell their products. It got me thinking as to why only retail businesses indulge in the Holidays to build their brands.

Everyone enjoys holidays, and each person has different reasons for why they like them.  They like the food, the company, the events, and the decorations. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July because I love fireworks, friends, BBQ chicken, beer, and let’s face it red, white, and blue DO compliment each other.

Decorate Your Brand

No matter what type of business or organization you belong to, decorating your brand for any holiday can create a “sticky” image that people will remember. Most people associate Coca-cola with Polar bears because of Coke’s Christmas commercials, and Mars M&Ms frequently dress up their candy mascots according to the holiday. Creating a fancy Facebook homepage in light of the holidays, or dressing up your profile picture can have the same effect. It’s pretty easy to slap a Santa hat onto any image. Don’t forget that switching your brands colors may be okay for a holiday. Cereals and candies do this frequently.

Make it Appetizing

Keep your consumers engaged in your holiday marketing strategy. Don’t just try to sell them something using the holiday; give your clients the chance to tell you what they enjoy about this holiday. Ask holiday-specific questions, and take related polls. Post holiday content that is specifically geared towards your fans.

Give Them a Reason to Talk

In an effort to make your brand actually appetizing, don’t be afraid to post holiday recipes, even if your business is not food-related. During the holidays people are focusing less on work, and more on shopping, baking, and giving. Why not give them an excuse to say, “Isn’t this pumpkin bread delicious? I got the recipe off of Slice, Inc.’s facebook page.”

Also, build community online. Most holidays are built around time spent as families, friends, or smaller communities. Find ways to engage your fans by building community. Use a “Toys for Tots” idea and have fans send the toys to your business address.   Or choose a favorite charity and add a link to your page for fans to connect directly to make a donation.

Create an Event

Cars salesmen and jewelers have gotten this right for years. These companies, amongst others, promote their products through holiday sales events. Create a holiday event for your Facebook fan page that relates to your brand. Whether it’s a promotion, a free gift giveaway, a charity event, or a special holiday-themed newsletter, give your fans a reason to enjoy their holidays through your brand.

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