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  1. I am really impressed with the quality of your blog. It is easy to determine that you are fervent about your writing. If I had your writing ability, I know I would be successful. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to more updates.

    1. Hi, Cassata. I would agree. In fact I would go as far as saying that education is a life-long process. I have also learned over time that goals are important motivators for education and experience. However, it is in the process that we go through to reach our goals that real learning takes place and character is built~Kathi

  2. Interesting article and one which should be more widely known about in my view. Your level of detail is good and the clarity of writing is excellent. I have bookmarked it for you so that others will be able to see what you have to say.

  3. Im impressed. I dont think Ive met anyone who knows as much about this subject as you do. Youre truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. Really, great blog youve got here.

    1. Denver, thanks for the encouragement. It’s always a challenge, when you know a subject particularly well, to explain it on a level that people can understand. Feel free to come back for more.~Kathi

  4. The beauty of these blogging engines and CMS platforms is the lack of limitations and ease of manipulation that allows developers to implement rich content and ‘skin’ the site in such a way that with very little effort one would never notice what it is making the site tick all without limiting content and effectiveness.

    1. Shameka,

      I agree with your comment above, but I’m puzzled by the response in reference to this post. The comment seems unrelated. Am I missing something?

    1. The interesting thing about tastes is they can change. Liz Strauss, of, talks about changing her mind about “sisterlocks” once she was educated. That’s the thing about branding and marketing. If we’re clear about the benefits of our product or service, and we articulate it well through the brand, we just might win over some of fence-sitters in the crowd.

  5. Appreciate it to get a extremely clear and beneficial publish. I am without a doubt a violator of a lot of these guidelines. I regularly obtain personally conflicted when creating a blog post because I see by myself creating more than individuals need to learn, but I really feel that I really have to do the subject matter proper rights by totally addressing it. I truly feel that by following a number of these guidelines I end up lowering out imperative aspects to the discussion. I guess you’ve got to unearth a balance.

    1. Balance is a good thing, but a difficult lesson to learn. I would say it’s better to err on the side of giving too much information. That will probably generate more conversation when you blog. And that is a good thing, too. Kathi

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