Ethan Schepp

Ethan Schepp, Social Media Specialist, has a clear understanding of the value of making connections. With over five years of technical writing experience, he is always looking for new ways people can collaborate online.

Ethan Schepp is native to the East Coast, and he has spent most his life in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. Ethan graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a BA in American Studies focusing on Media & Communications.

Since college, Ethan has amassed a variety of professional skills ranging from writing to sales to even warehousing. Working in all sorts of different environments and situations has helped him to learn that work and life goes a lot smoother when everyone is on the same page. Whether it is with businesses, clients, or colleagues, Ethan respects the value of communication, and strives for the harmony that is created when people are connected and engaged. This is the thing about social media that excites him the most.

Ethan has several creative outlets. He enjoys drawing and painting, and is passionate about playing guitar ever since he was eight. He loves film and film study. When he isn’t staring at a screen of some kind, he makes time for fun adventures with his wife and son (and cat).