Millennials and Your Social Media Strategy: The Generational Wave

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The Wave of Consumers

We now know why millennials have very distinct traits and habits that set them apart from other age groups. This is why a social media strategy that address millennials is imperative to your success. We also know that people seem to have their own ideas in regards to what works when trying to connect to millennials on a consumer/product level. But did you ever stop to think if they share similarities with other generations? Are there similar values, trends and traits ever repeat themselves and appear among different waves of consumers?


Authenticity & Quality

“While I read so many articles that claim that the millennials are completely different from any other earlier generation, I do believe that at the core, the basic purchase decision making remains the same. The follow the similar principles and techniques as their earlier generations did. Just like the boomers or perhaps the depression-era consumers, the millennials also start at a level where they face a financial crunch. And no matter how bad a reputation they have about being the ones who waste money by spending unnecessarily, the millennials are in fact also infused by the propensity to save. The millennials like to look up the product reviews on Facebook, Yelp, YouTube, etc. Just like how their predecessors would follow a word of mouth from the people they would trust such as friends and families.”-Jitesh Keswani, E-Intelligence

“Millennials crave authenticity. Whereas previous generations were content with faceless corporations, millennials prefer brands that are more tailored. Brands should have their own personalities that match those of their target demographics. They should resonate on a personal level and do more than just sell products/services. They should contribute to society and represent the values of their customers. This trait is shared with Gen Z, who also grew up in the age of the internet. Millennials have a strong sense of morality and the more authentic your brand is, the more they will respond to it.”- Oleg Korneitchouk, SmartSites


Some Statistics

They do, indeed. An interesting Bazaar Voice study provides some solid answers here. According to the study, boomers are 66% likely to make a purchase off the recommendation from a friend or family member. Millennials are about 49% likely. A similar equation exists for a recommendation from strangers – where the tables flip. Boomers 34% likely to make a purchase and millennials 51% likely. As far as User Generated Content (UGC) is concerned, millennials are 84% likely to bite on it and make a purchase. Compared to boomers, which is 70%.” -Michael Lazar, ReadyCloud


Investing in Memories

“Yes. Millennials prioritize spending on travel and experiences. They are less interested than previous generations in materials items. However, similar to other generations, young people will generally not skimp out on impulse buys and fun items.” -Leeyan Rogers, JotForm


“I’d say it’s the other way around. Other generations are becoming more like millennials in their demands. Definitely Gen Xers but even older demographics. Everyone is influenced by the huge technological shifts. To the millennials they are natural and organic and to the others they are an adjustment.” -Adi Bittan, OwnerListens


The Best Tools For Your Social Media Strategy

In this day and age, there is anything but a shortage of content to attract potential customers or advocates of your brand. But what types of content are most effective when targeting millennials in your social media strategy? Is it the beloved blog? How about the rise in streaming platforms, like Twitch or Snapchat? Since millennials are such good multi-taskers, is a podcast the best way to drive your message home? We asked our interviewees that very question.  Stick around to see what they had to say.

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