10 Takeaways from ASAE’s Membership, Marketing & Communications Conference


I LOVE the MMC Conference because it’s local and the topics are in my wheelhouse. I love the connecting piece too! As usual there was too much to do and not enough time! If you weren’t able to attend, I’ve compiled a post taking ONE key point from presentations uploaded for attendees. This should help whet your appetite for next year.

I encourage you to reach out to presenters to ask questions and learn more. I’ve included the contact info I had access to. Most had specific case studies they related to their presentations, which made the info that much richer! [I’ll be sharing 10 more takeaways each over the next two weeks!]

10 Questions Every CEO Should Ask Their Marketing Director

Great Question: How can we turn marketing from an expense account to a revenue account?

Bill Scott—Council for Resource Development

Scott Oser—@scottoser & scott@scottoserassociates.com

Have Your Chapters Hijacked Your Brand?

The Advantages to a Unified Brand (or How to Answer Objections)

— One Clear Voice
— Consistent Messaging
— Visual Congruence
— Consistent Naming Conventions
— Uniformity in Domain Name for Searching
— Provide turnkey solutions for your chapters and member companies

Kathi Rabil—kathi@slice-works & @sliceworks

Elicia Magruder—@phccnatl

Charlotte Perham—@phccnatl

Leverage All of Your Communications

Powerful messaging strategy creates value by:
— Leveraging what is unique
— Highlighting what is different—your competitive advantage
— Gives yourself and your clients/customers/members/donors and other key constituents short-hand

Liz Wainger—@lizwainger

Membership + Components + Data = Success

Integrating Components into your Strategy
What is the “basic criteria” for a component?
— Area of study
— Geography
— Potential revenue
— Number of people/size
What is the goal of a component & how does it support the association’s strategic plan?
How are you collecting data about your components?

Trevor Mitchell—@trevm22 & Trevor.Mitchell@armaintl.org

Erik Schonher—erik@marketinggeneral.com

5 Website Improvements To Make in 5 Minutes (or Less)

Make Sure Every Page Has a Call to Action:
— What do you want the user to do?
— Fill out a form/Register for an Event/Connect on Social Media
Drive them to the next step

Ray van Hilst—@rvanhilst

Maggie McGary—American Occupational Therapy Association Inc

Complacency is the New Consistency: A CMO’s Frustrating Dilemma

One way to get your members to support marketing/sales efforts — provide sample social media posts for important staff/membership communication

Chris Lorence—@ChrisCommando & Chris.Lorence@icba.org

Evaluating Your Digital Influence

How to Stay Top of Mind:
— Move to Personas
— Use Personas for Targeting
— Understand Buyer Lifecycle Journey
— Give Communications Choices
— Market Communications Choices
— Fit into THEIR Lifestyle

Suzanne Carawan—scarawan@highroadsolution.com & @suzannecarawan

Get a Piece of the $572 Million Sponsorship Pie

Sponsor Development Process:
— Be passionate
— Understand Sponsors’ motivations
— Establish the sponsor’s objectives
— Ascertain the value to the sponsor
— Understand your assets
— Be Proactive/Be Creative
— Agree on how you will measure sponsorship success
— Deliver what you promise
— Follow up reporting

James McGowan—James_McGowan@AFassanoCo.com

Christina J Wurster—cwurster@hrsonline.org

Volunteer Management Life-cycle: the CliffsNotes Version

Volunteer Management Life Cycle:
— Planning
— Recruiting
— Training
— Managing
— Evaluating

Lowell Aplebaum—@lowellmatthew & Laplebaum@gmail.com

Attract Young Professionals to Your Association

Young Professional Attitudes:
— Show Me the Value
— I Know How to Connect
— More Skeptical of Marketing Messages
— 47% of all email is opened on a mobile device

Cynthia Meehan—Cindy.meehan@rotary.org

Check back next week for the next 10 nuggets ;-0

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