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Who would have guessed that this would be our 100th blog post? When I saw the numbers in the 90’s a few months ago, I could hardly believe it. We decided to use this post to highlight the newest of our social networks—The unveiling of our Pinterest account!

Why Pinterest?

One of my own arguments AGAINST Pinterest initially was that I didn’t believe that it was a fit for B2B, service-oriented companies. Based on my reading thus far however, I have found my reasoning to be faulty. I will be answering that objection with ideas and real-time examples farther down in the post.


First, let’s look at an overview of current stats for Pinterest. Alexa real-time Pinterest reports on engagement show:

a 37.3% bounce rate

a 7.57 daily pageview/visitor rate

an average of 7:07 mins daily time on site

Also, Pinterest is globally ranked 27th among all websites currently on the internet

Google Trends shows the following 7 search topic trends:

— pinterest hair
— pinterest wedding
— pinterest quotes
— pinterest recipes
— pinterest login
— pinterest home
— pinterest diy

Experian reports that Pinterest has consistently ranked #6 throughout May 2014 of all Social Media websites, with a visit share of 1.29%

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Marketing Land states that it’s become increasingly clearthat, “Pinterest and Instagram are incredibly effective for reaching women (84% of Pinterest users are women) and younger audiences (over 90% of Instagram users are under 35)

Ekaterina Walter, whose quote I used for the title of this article, is cofounder and CMO of Branderati. She also sits on the Board of Directors of Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).  In a recent interview for Fast Company, she shared these 5 take-aways from Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report:

1. More experienced marketers rate the importance of visual networks higher than their less experienced counterparts.
2. Marketers who invest more than 40 hours per week in social media are much more focused on visual platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, than those investing six or fewer hours a week with social media.
3. B2C marketers prefer visual networks, particularly Pinterest and Instagram, while their B2B colleagues, favor LinkedIn, Google+, and blogging.” (read “opportunity” here)

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4. In the next year, 67% of marketers who responded to the survey plan on increasing their YouTube marketing, while half of those same marketers plan to increase their use of Pinterest.
5. Most marketers plan to use infographics and memes as a key part of their strategy in 2014.

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Whole Foods Pinterest Account

 Eight Pinterest Best Practices

1. Create topic-specific or story specific boards—BEFORE you start pinning, think about WHY you want to be on Pinterest and what you could offer.  Are you trying to drive traffic to your blog?  To your website?  Special offers?
2. Name your boards creatively—This is a chance to show off your brand culture and tell your story.  Is your brand personality traditional, geeky, impromptu?


3. When promoting, think VISUALLY!—How can you tell your story in pictures, not just words?  Who on your staff is the visual thinker, using the whiteboard for demonstrating things, doodling in their notes? Use their visual strength to brainstorm your visual story
4. Feature striking image as your cover—to draw folks into your boards think color, bold typography, faces, curiosity.  The Pinterest platform lets you see your pins in a thumbnail image.  An incomplete picture will prompt a question >> what IS that? >> will prompt a click!
5. Make sharing easy—How many of your social sites have a Pinterest button?

#oracle on #pinterest

6. Use #hashtags to drive engagement—Pinterest’s search engine uses hashtag keywords to help folks find your pins and make it easy to participate in your brand’s activity.
7. Upload one pin at a time—Look at your analytics of re-pins to tell you when YOUR audience is online.  Generally speaking, evenings and weekends generate the most traffic
8. Details, details—the anatomy of a great pin will have a title, call to action, keywords and/or information about the pin or the original pinner.

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Pinterest Ideas for B2B

Here’s a good list I found on B2B ideas for service and non-profit organizations.  My apologies to the creator of the list, I didn’t capture the credit accurately in my research and was unable to retrace my steps 🙁

—Before and after pictures – not fixed vs. fixed
— Infographics – interesting stats about your industry
— Home or Commercial office – show off where you hold meetings, eat lunch, create content etc.
— Equipment updates – old vs. new
— Service staff and/or team members – introduce team members
— About the staff – celebrate accomplishments, training, awards and birthdays

#constantcontact #pinterestboard

— Maps of service area you cover – pin — locations you serve onto a map
— Blog posts with great headline graphic – pin your own blog posts
— eBooks and other freebies – pin your freebies
— Quotes – share industry quotes
— Testimonials – share what your clients and customers have to say about you
— Graphics – pretty branded images
— Charts – show growth in sales, sales area, sales volume,  employee growth etc.

#countryliving #pinterestboard

—Charities you support – pin their goals, events, mission statement etc.
— Events you sponsor – pin your own images from attending the event
— ‘How to’ videos – pin your own videos, or some from YouTube
— ‘How to fix’ videos – show your own service (wo)men in action

We’ve posted a variety of account examples throughout this post.  See if you can match our examples to the best practices and/or ideas we’ve shared.

 Happy pinning 😉

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