Key Benefits of Web & Mobile:

slider-bvkgrnd   The number of users accessing online properties using mobile is increasing rapidly
slider-bvkgrnd   The user experience is more interactive and user friendly
slider-bvkgrnd   Easier to capture the monetization potential of your site
slider-bvkgrnd   Mobile websites tend to rank higher in search
slider-bvkgrnd   Optimized content increases your loading speed
slider-bvkgrnd   Easier to sync the content of your mobile sites
slider-bvkgrnd   Compatibility across platforms is moving at a rapid pace

As more and more associations see their audiences shift to mobile or even join as mobile-only members, mobile has become top of mind for many associations. How do you handle the transition?

Like all other slices of your marketing strategy pie, the place to begin is with your ‘WHY’.  Remember, branding strategy clearly identifies and clarifies your ‘WHY’. Marketing strategy translates the ‘WHY’ of your brand into the ‘HOW’how to lead (tied to membership); how to build (tied to recruitment); and how to engage (tied to retention).

Why web & mobile?

A solid web and mobile strategy starts with clarity about ‘WHY’ you are transitioning to mobile and then further strategizing about ‘HOW’ to share your content across multiple platforms.

The way your editorial and design teams work together will have to change. This needs to be a collaborative effort balancing the priorities of each.  Focus on information, data and content first. Treat content as a service—providing information so that it can be used, remixed and repurposed in new ways.

"Why" Continued

Great content transcends platforms. With great content, there is little need for change to be ready for mobile. However, mobile can become the catalyst to tighten up your content without loss of clarity or information. When your content works well on mobile, it will work everywhere.

Even without a mobile strategy, you should be writing good content NOW.

How web & mobile strategies integrate:

Smartphone or tablet, iPhone or iPad; which devices people use to access your content is not under your control. Integrated marketing combines and coordinates elements to provide a harmonious whole. The way your editorial teams work together has to change. Your entire organization needs to be focused on providing one well-written, universally accessible set of content. One team focused on mobile and one on desktop does not work. You have a responsibility to deliver an equal content experience across all devices.

"How" Continued

You need to manage your information in generous portions (manageable chunks).  Adaptive content fits different screen sizes and can be presented differently in a variety of formats.

The critical next step is identifying how to marry the message to the medium.
Think in slices: Presentation slice (websites & apps), Platform slice (systems & APIs), Information slice (data & content), as you create presentation-independent content. These three slices integrate contnet creation with information presentation to complete your marketing strategy pie.

What integration looks like:

Like a chef creating a multi fruit pie…

SLICE-WORKS provides marketing and creative services that work collaboratively to build and optimize your web site. We utilize strategic language, keywords, formatting, headers and graphics to create a clear message that keeps your readers engaged. With our expertise in Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics, we employ links and keywords that maximize usability for your target audience and their unique search habits

"What" Continued

SLICE-WORKS packages your content for mobile. We make it responsive or fully mobile by focusing on five critical elements: ▪ Brand ▪ Design ▪ Usability ▪ SEO ▪ Copywriting

Our web and mobile capabilities include: