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Psychographics: 4 Pointers for Content Marketing

If you plan on expanding your business through your marketing, and I know you do, then you need to know about psychographics. At first blush, the word itself sounds like something a serial killer might develop in a darkroom, but […]

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Members: Josh Holloway & Intelligence Teach Us About Choices

We have a core group of about 8 TV series that we follow regularly. Three of those shows, Person of Interest , Almost Human  and Intelligence , each raise some very challenging moral questions focused around technology and it’s double-edged role as […]

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Flat Design: Millennials and Technology Impacting Web Design

© Thinkstock You have got to see this! I am going to ask you to do something that breaks all the rules of good blog writing. I’m going to suggest you whip out your cell phones and take “scroll” through  this […]

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How to Deliver Epic Content

© Thinkstock Collection Content marketing satisfies your prospect’s need for essential information and your organization’s desire to shine as a trusted source of subject-matter expertise – subtly sparking “love-at-first-sight” resonance, laying foundations for long-term relationships and leading to a sale, […]

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Romancing Customers with Compelling Content

I can picture in my mind’s eye the exact moment I met my husband. It was love at first sight, really.  While his good looks and towering height certainly made an impression, I was ensnared by his charm, kindness, carefree […]

$97 to Celebrate 97 Years

I am a child of the 60’s and proud of it! The 60’s were a time of innovation, challenging authority and pushing the envelope.  We are the original “outside of the box,” “cutting edge” generation! That independent spirit was important […]

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Tech 13 and Social Organizations: Day 2

A few years ago, when I was just beginning to dip my toes into the social media space, Chris Brogan made a statement about loving the serendipity of social media.  I remember thinking, ‘What was a strange choice of words to […]

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Tech13 via Twitterverse: Day 1

I was really bummed that I couldn’t attend the ASAE Tech13 conference last week. However, if my engagement on Twitter has done nothing else, it has taught me the power of the hashtag(#Tech13). I chose 7 colleagues that I knew […]

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Editorial Calendar: Content Marketing Step 4

I’ve always dreamed of just getting into the car with a wad of cash and setting off on a vacation with no particular destination in mind. A serendipitous foray like that sounds like the perfect vacation. But would you do […]

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Mapping Content to Buyer Behavior: Content Marketing Step 3

  Did you know that 70% of customers say they would rather learn about a company through articles rather than advertisements? This is particularly important in the B2B world of organizations that are offering their services as products. Purchases that range […]

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