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Celebrate Women’s History Month: 14 Inspirational Quotes from Women Throughout History

March has been officially designated Women’s History Month since 1980, . The National Women’s History Project petitioned the US government to expand National Women’s History Week into an entire month-long celebration of women’s history. 2016 marks the 36th annual celebration […]

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Top 3 Live Streaming Apps to Humanize Your Organization [Part I]

Feeling overwhelmed with all this talk about the “next big things” in marketing and social media? First Facebook, then Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat popped up. Lately BigData and the Internet of Things has created a lot of buzz for marketers. […]

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A-ha Moments from Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Conference

Ever have that lightbulb moment when all the dots align and you suddenly see the solution that was right there in front of you? I have been sympathizing with clients and prospects for the last year or more, saying that […]

12 Best Practices for Twitter Cards

There are three basic elements to all Twitter cards: the image, the Call to Action (CTA) and the tweet copy.  Your image should show off the business.  The headline and CTA together call out the offer.  The tweet copy generates […]


I once heard someone compare the conversation on Twitter to that of a cocktail party—short interactions meant to make a quick impression.  Where’s the value in that? There may be more than meets the eye.  Consider some of these facts […]

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Member Engagement vs Engaging Your Members

© Moodboard Which questions sound more like your association’s internal conversation: How can we get members to buy more of program X, product Y or service Z? OR How can we enable members to achieve the outcomes that matter most […]

Lapsed Membership: What You Can Learn

Nobody likes looking at stats that paint a negative picture.  But you won’t have the full picture if you’re not willing to look at everything.  Remember, when it comes to marketing, you don’t know what you don’t know! Three primary […]

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Your Mobile Website: Top 3 Do’s & Don’ts

© Thinkstock Is your website mobile-optimized? In just 5 days Google is switching their search ranking algorithm to favor mobile websites! Being mobile-accessible is critical to life and business.  When Steve Jobs created the iPod, his vision was to make it easy […]

Google ALERT: Are You Mobile Ready?

They’ve done it again. As soon as you get used to doing things one way, the “powers that be” make a change—for the better. In late February, Google announced that starting April 21, their search engines would give ranking preference […]

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Digital Marketing: 3 Things Dave Matthews Band Can Teach Us

Tuesday, December 18th was a big day for me. I turned 25, attended AMADC’s panel discussion on digital marketing  for non-profits, and topped the evening off with the Dave Matthews Band (DMB) concert at first Mariner Arena inBaltimore. I’m a […]

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