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Let the Fun Begin!

Now the real fun begins! Internally, we determine two different visual directions or themes for your project.  Two different designers are responsible for two contrasting paths.  At this point, each designer begins exploring typography, inconography, photography and color, pulling together...
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Campaign Development Process: Solutions

Enough questions!  You’re looking for answers.  These are beginning to evolve in Step III.  Our solutions board tells you “here’s what we recommend.” At this stage we identify what your differentiator is—your USP (Unique Selling Position).  This is important, because...
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Campaign Development Process: Discovery and Diagnostics

Have you ever just gotten into the car and begun to drive, not sure of your destination?  Sounds like fun. Would you do that for a family vacation, with three kids in tow? Of course not!! Do you know how many businesses...
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Campaign Development Process: History

© Thinkstock How often do you interact with creative firms? Do you outsource to a creative firm or agency for your business’ graphic and website design? How has your experience been, working with creatives? Do you find them unpredictable, inconsistent?...
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Marketing Campaigns: What’s Your Learning Style?

  Which are you—right brain or left brain dominant? Do you know? I always get the two confused! Based on the theory of the structure and functions of the brain, psychologists tell us that the two sides of the brain...
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Celebrate Women’s History Month: 14 Inspirational Quotes from Women Throughout History

March has been officially designated Women’s History Month since 1980, . The National Women’s History Project petitioned the US government to expand National Women’s History Week into an entire month-long celebration of women’s history. 2016 marks the 36th annual celebration...
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Top 3 Live Streaming Apps to Humanize Your Organization [Part I]

Feeling overwhelmed with all this talk about the “next big things” in marketing and social media? First Facebook, then Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat popped up. Lately BigData and the Internet of Things has created a lot of buzz for marketers....
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A-ha Moments from Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Conference

Ever have that lightbulb moment when all the dots align and you suddenly see the solution that was right there in front of you? I have been sympathizing with clients and prospects for the last year or more, saying that...
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12 Best Practices for Twitter Cards

There are three basic elements to all Twitter cards: the image, the Call to Action (CTA) and the tweet copy.  Your image should show off the business.  The headline and CTA together call out the offer.  The tweet copy generates...
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I once heard someone compare the conversation on Twitter to that of a cocktail party—short interactions meant to make a quick impression.  Where’s the value in that? There may be more than meets the eye.  Consider some of these facts...
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